Bone Inlay Care Instructions

Bone Inlay Furniture is well known for its great elegance and craftsmanship of bone inlay art. But the irony is that people don’t know very much about this piece of art and its history. It needs very minute and intricate detailing. Only experienced artisans can design such type of furniture who has been doing the same for generations. The intense and beautiful patterns would definitely steal your heart with its visual appeal. The handmade patterns can form an illusion of depth. 

Care instructions 

Irrespective of common belief, bone inlay doesn’t need enough cleaning and caring. It doesn’t yellow or fades if you follow the right ways for cleaning. You can take care of bone inlay and maintain it to make it look beautiful for longer. 

  • Proper sunlight is a must 
  • Place the bone properly and keep in mind that it needs proper sunlight to be in shape. The bone tends to get yellow and pigment eventually over time. It is because they don’t get proper exposure to sunlight. On the other side, bone inlay can lighten up when they are placed in a sunny place. 

    You can simply place bone inlay furniture near the hallway or window to get direct sunlight. The sunlight would add a beautiful charm to its patterns. It can always maintain the proper shape of bone inlay and it can maintain bright hues. Sunlight shouldn’t be too harsh or direct. Be sure to keep it moderate and filtered. 

  • Maintain moderate temperature around the furniture 
  • Take care of the temperature around the furniture. It shouldn’t be too hot or freezing cold. It can lead the resin, wooden, and organic base to contract or expand to make deformities. Don’t use a heater in the room where furniture is stored. Minor changes in temperature wouldn’t lead to any harm but it may cause some changes due to extreme conditions. If you live in a place which receives sub-zero temperature, it is a major concern. 

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean up the bone inlay 
  • Modern cleaners have harmful bleaching ingredients and chemicals which can affect bone inlay. The delicate pieces need gentle and mild cleaning. Don’t use any other polishes, paints, and cleaners. 

  • Use mild cleaners 
  • For mild and effective cleaning, use spirit soap for bone inlay. Blend spirit soap with white spirit at 1:20. It cleans up the delicate artistry softly. Apply colorless beeswax after cleaning. Use lint-free soft cloth to apply cleaner and wipe it. Apply wax to make bone inlay come alive and avoid drying. Don’t overdo it because bone inlay is porous. Also, avoid using clothes that are very moist. 

    How to Mend Dried or Yellowish Inlay Furniture? 

    Be sure to care for the bone inlay to improve its lifespan. If your bone inlay furniture is faded, you don’t have to worry. All you need to follow these tips – 

    • Blend hydrogen peroxide (1/2 cup) and water (1/2 cup) and apply it with soft brush or lint-free soft cloth delicately on the bone inlay furniture. Leave it for some time and wipe it with clean cloth. Apply beeswax after drying it properly. 
    • You can also use citric acid solution on the artwork for mild cleaning after applying wax and wiping it. 
    • Keep in mind that bone inlay is handmade. Each piece of furniture is a symbol of hours of hard work and intricate detailing and craftsmanship. So, proper caring and maintenance are important.