7 Exciting Bone Inlay Décor and Furniture to Make Your Home Stylish

7 Exciting Bone Inlay Décor and Furniture to Make Your Home Stylish

Bone inlay furniture is literally very antique, stylish and luxurious for every home. If you want to make your home looking unique, these bone inlay décor items can surely turn the heads. This type of furniture has been made for centuries using ancient techniques to create modern, intricate statements which are both sleek and ornate. Bone inlay furniture is found widely in several luxurious palaces in India and lavish 5-star hotels. 

It has been wound most widely in contemporary places. It adds unique charm as a center of attraction for any space. It adds a great link to the rich tradition. All of these pieces are handmade and you can embrace the flaws as the marks of craftsmanship. Here are some of the beautiful furniture pieces you can have – 

Console Table 

It uses intarsia technique in which artisans arrange every bit of wood in a mosaic pattern. The beautiful mix of bone, teak and wood will definitely inspire you. 

Geometric table 

Here’s a special gift for all geometry lovers. It features stunning diamond patterns in black and white color combinations with geometric edges to add a dramatic look. You can place it around a club chair or leather sofa. 

Furniture Pulls 

If you want to add the charm of bone inlay furniture but can’t afford expensive tables and other furniture, you can update any of your furniture with stunning bone inlay pulls. You will definitely love the combo of brass hexagon handle and bone inlay backing. 

Bone Inlay Side Table

This side table will definitely be a showstopper in your room as it reflects your personality and class. Even better, it can also be a practical solution. You can use it as a bedside table. After all, it’s a perfect staple to any bedroom as it adds to the feel of the boho room of your dreams. 

Bone Inlay Coffee Table 

Bone inlay coffee table is really a practical solution and it comes in neutral color that can easily match any home décor. It adds lots of texture and sparkle while fitting just in for a relaxing feel in the living room. Black and white coffee table really adds great interest, contrast and a super calm shimmer if your living room has a strong color scheme. 

Bone Inlay Dresser 

Bone inlay can be a great addition that can easily match the eclectic, Moroccan, Boho or Indian home. It is a large dresser in modern geometric patterns. You literally cannot find any limit in style options with a great look. 

Bone Inlay Mirrors 

You can easily find a lot of décor objects to match the trend. It is a great choice for your home without any big investment. This designer mirror can easily add a WOW look to your home to impress your guests.